Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fabergé Eggs

Fabergé Eggs introduction and commentaries by Christopher Forbes

Seeing that I am an incredibly wealthy man, I know a thing or two about Fabergé eggs.  You're probably asking yourself right now, "if this person is filthy rich, then why is he posting on the Forbes Staff Picks Blog?"  Fair question.  In the late 80's, I was a victim to a bizarre ruling in which a 40 year sentence of of public library labor was slapped upon me.  All this for spilling a little citrus salsa and guacamole on the original Gutenberg Bible!

Carl Fabergé was a brilliant man as far as inspiring others to create the highest quality of material.  Interestingly, he himself worked on nothing from the House of Fabergé.  According to Forbes' introduction, those responsible for the craftsmanship were Michael Evlampievich Perchin and Henrik Henrik Wigström.

Fabergé Eggs exhibits large, full page, color images of these elaborate works of art.  The last section of the book has pencil reproductions for these eggs that were once presented to czars and czarinas on Orthodox Christian Easters from 1885-1917.  Text accompanies the images with information on who initially received the piece, additional historical information and the item's detailed measurements. 

The intricate design to these pieces is astounding and I'm sure you will feel a pang of desire to own one of the surviving, priceless eggs (I currently have four in my collection).  If need assistance finding Christopher Forbes' book, just look for me.  I'm the one with the ascot and monocle.

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