Friday, January 27, 2012

Red Mist

Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell
If you mention Patricia Cornwell in conversation, the general consensus is that her earlier books were better. Agreed. I did not read her last 2 or 3 books but glad that I picked this one to start up again.
Kay Scarpetta and her group can interesting and they have some good moments in this latest book. It was a fast read, kept me turning the pages and I mostly liked it.
The ending felt too rushed and too tidy. Still, it was worth the quick read and I look forward to her next one.

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  1. I got to hear a lot more interesting facts about Patricia Cornwall and her new book Red Mist by listening to Elaine Charles's interview with her on her radio show The Book Report which is on Sundays. I hear Patricia is actually a licenced helicopter pilot and qualified diver. She experienced these events to be able to right and explain certain instances in her book better.
    I think you benefit allot about listening to authors being interviewed because you get a lot of background about the research of the book.