Friday, November 18, 2011

Chasing Fire

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts
Rowan Tripp has been fighting fires since she was 18, and is the daughter of a retired forest fire fighting legend. We meet the new crop of rookies, and get to see the intense ways they train, as well as meet the surviving crew from the previous season when they lost one of their own. The fire season is difficult enough on its own, but we find that someone hasn't let go of last year's tragedy. The suspense is more in the people vs. fire, with a lot of details including training, equipment and on the line fire fighting. Although this definitely qualifies as a romance, I didn't find it too over the top, and felt the steam came more from the water vs. fire than the relationships. There is a secondary romance that adds an interesting element.

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  1. I enjoyed the romance end of this book a lot! There wasn't just one romance but two. I love this different dynamic to the book. It was very unlike the The Bride Quartet because this was Rowan, a fire jumper and girl who firmly believes that she should never get involved with another fire jumper and her father, Lucas, the very famous Iron Man Tripp, known for his fire jumping, and locally for raising his daughter alone after her mother up and left. Needless, to say that Rowan meets Gull, a rookie fire jumper from California, who is not going to let her rule about not dating another fire jumper get in his way. Lucas, now retired from fire jumping, owns his own skydiving company and meets the love of his life, Ella, after her son buys her a tandem jump as a gift. It was interesting to watch these two stories unroll and the challenges that both father and daughter face as they do.